Gallery Jos Joos – Exhibition ‘Retrospectives 5 Years’



5 years after the opening of our Gallery on July 1st 2012, it is time to take a look back. Several exhibitions have passed with many different artists.
It was a real adventure and always a pleasure to meet and select the artists.

I am more convinced than ever that we need art in the world we are living. It opens our mind, touches our feelings and obliges us to take a step back. We will show during this group exhibition works from our main artists like David Hollier, Jean-Pierre Attal, Sarah Trouche, Spyk, Frank Coenegrachts, Nansky, Christophe Demaître, Isabelle Hervé, Oliver Lenaerts, 13 Pulsions. But, although not present in this exhibition, I want to take the occasion to thank as well the other artists like Faro Wymeersch, Claire Brugnon, Hervé Bindefeld, David Pirotte, David Duhamel, Pia Raymaekers, Foxi, Ayline Olukman, Olivier Vincent, Zhu Ye and Alessandra Zini. It makes a really impressive list already.



The selection of our works has certainly evolved over the past years but we always selected contemporary art sometimes even works that were just about to be finished. Also another constant fact is that the art we selected over the 5 last years was always figurative.  Besides paintings on canvas we showed as well photography and sculptures. We organized exhibitions with well established artists like Spyk, Ayline Olukman, Christophe Demaître, Jean-Pierre Attal, Daid Hollier, David Pirotte, Sarah Trouche, Nansky, Isabelle Hervé… etc but we wanted also to give the occasion to very recent and young artists like Oliver Lenaerts, Frank Coenegrachts, Faro Wymeersch, … to exhibit their works for the first time. This makes it very rich and exiting.
Besides art, we propose in our Gallery as well design and wines. The combination makes it very unique and creates a special ambiance.

We hope to welcome you to our group exhibition and to let you enjoy something different in life.



Gallery Jos Joos – Exhibition ‘Retrospectives 5 Years’
from 14 September to 27 October 2017

at Gallery Jos Joos, 200 Rue Belliard, 1000 Brussels
contact +32 475 591837