Joanna Glazer`s work is about emergence.
In her art, she conveys the sense of courage and challenge of our own inner being.

It is a universal desire, insofar as we show our talent, our true personality to the world.

We are often double people, social and private.

Joanna Glazer sees the beauty in her surroundings. She is inspired by the immense

pleasure and sense of discovery resulting from the continuous observation around her.

She often uses materials found in fashion magazines.

The photos of top models influence her especially with the pose, the gestures or the

expressions of the face. In her current paintings, she also explores images of famous

people, often artists. For her, these personalities have the courage to express themselves.

Her work reflects the meaning of beauty, resilience and peace.

Exhibition `Emergence`

 From January 10th to March 31, 2019


at Gallery Jos Joos

200 Rue Belliard

1000 Brussels