Frank Coenegrachts – Exhibition ‘Human Behavior’

from 27 April to 30 June 2017



Frank Coenegrachts, born in 1969, is a Belgian painter of people in their private environment, sometimes as the main actor, other times as a part of their surroundings. He lives and works in Gors-Opleeuw in the South of the Province of Limburg in the Belgian Haspengouw region.



As a figurative painter in oil on canvas he usually starts from old images or
self-taken photographs, in which he is moved by the intimacy and emotion that isn’t always explicitly visible and is sometimes hidden. Images are rarely displayed as such on canvas. Coenegrachts tries to give his own creative interpretation and creates a subtle, loaded reality.

Human emotions, behaviors and personality traits but also controversial societal themes are for him a source of inspiration.

The importance of the entitlement gives his work an additional strength, increasing the interest of the viewer to discover it.

All paintings are oil on canvas using the “allaprima” technique (wet on wet), which provides its work with a more impulsive impression by the use of direct brushwork.

In our exhibition ‘Human Behavior’, all the characteristics of his work described above are present and take the visitors to the typical world of the artist.